<name> — GraphQL Custom Scalar

“Author – <github user name> “

“Date – <the date of the first publication in YYYY-MM-DD format>”

This template is meant to be copied and modified. This template is meant for Scalars which are based on the built-in String Scalar


Provide an overview of what this Scalar does and provide any background information.


Provide a recommended Scalar name and list alternatives, if available.

3Result spec

Define which Strings can be returned.

Provide positive and negative examples of String return values.

4Input spec

Define which String values are accepted as input as GraphQL Literal and as JSON raw input.

Provide positive and negative examples of literal and JSON raw input values.


List external references, other background information etc.

  1. 1Overview
  2. 2Name
  3. 3Result spec
  4. 4Input spec
  5. 5References